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Press about ANA Candles

Our Candle Company

Ana’s Striped Candles first shipped out to customers in 1994, and we proudly remain the leader in the stripe design we created. The original Striped Taper was designed by the company’s founder Frank Weeden and was the first of its kind, transforming a common household necessity into a sensuous canvass of alternating color. Sometimes, the simplest ideas produce the most extraordinary results…

The perfect symmetry, smooth finish and deep richness of our inlaid stripes make Ana Candles everything they are today. Each season, sumptuous new palettes are selected to reflect the latest trends and delight candle lovers around the world. Ana Candles are truly a design classic and the perfect choice for decorating, celebrating and gift giving.

In the early years, molding stripes into our candles was meticulous and painstaking, and it took years of development to achieve the quality standards and production capabilities we have now. Today, our famous Striped Candles are machine made with special equipment designed and built right here in our factory. Along with the handwork that is still part of the process, each candle is a tribute to true craftsmanship and manufacturing ingenuity.

Ana Design Corp. is a family-owned company dedicated to producing superior and distinctive products for our discerning customers. Ana Candles are proudly made in Trenton, New Jersey.


Pageant Striped Taper - Cirque Taper - Solid Taper

7/8” round x 14” tall
14 hr. burn time

Carousel Striped Pillar

4” round x 4” tall
80 hr. burn time

Quality Made in the USA

All Ana Candles are made with premium quality paraffin wax and pure cotton wicks.
They are engineered to have long burn times and be virtually smokeless and drip-free.

Environmental Note: Since paraffin wax is a necessary by-product of petroleum distillation, we consider its use to be environmentally responsible. Paraffin wax is 100% biodegradable and will not harm the environment. Ana Design continues to improve waste reduction and recycling techniques throughout its manufacturing process.

Burning Tips & Safety

Ana Candles are virtually smokeless and drip-free. Please follow the guidelines below to prevent or minimize dripping and to maximize their burn time and your enjoyment. All candles need some attention just like a wood fire in your fireplace.

• The wicks on our striped candles are cut to proper length at the factory and are ready to light straight out of the package. When lighting for the first time, simply make sure the wick is pulled straight up.

• Taper Trimming: Unlike pillars, there should be no need to trim taper wicks. Our taper wicks are “self-trimming”, and too short a wick will cause dripping. Trim only slightly in the event carbon deposits collect at the tip.

• Pillar Trimming: Pillars should be burned approximately 2 to 4 hours at a time, and wicks should be kept trimmed to approximately ¼”.

• Keep flame away from drafts caused by open windows, fans, heaters and other conditions that cause the flame to flicker and burn inefficiently.

• We recommend burning our striped candles indoors. If you are burning them outside, consider using hurricanes and make sure the base of the hurricane allows for air entry. Hurricanes without intake vents will cause turbulence, choke off the air supply and cause smoking and dripping.

• Caution: Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Place solidly in non-combustible candleholder and away from combustible materials.

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